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Facebook takes announced in September an in home set top device to bring video chat and streaming into your living from; and make sure their in the game dominated by Amazon and Google to get a piece of your smart home, with Portal TV. The device, with a camera and microphones, allows users to make video calls from their televisions over WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, as well as streaming video from Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Watch, Showtime, Starz, and others. It will cost $149.

Interestingly and maybe most compelling, once connected, you can watch shows with others elsewhere, on Facebook Watch, or play augmented reality games.

Did you know...

Facebook no longer holds second place in the latest global website rankings; YouTube has taken its place, moving Facebook down in third position and effectively meaning Google holds 1 and 2. That said and despite the hot topic news surrounding Facebook, 97% of social advertisers still prefer it as their most used and most useful social media platform.

In the news

  • Ubisoft offers €500M in convertible debt

Ubisoft is down 2.7% in OTC trading after it offered €500M in convertible bonds; according to an announcement on Seeking Alpha. The offering's success, with a conversion premium above the indicated range, "illustrates investors’ confidence in Ubisoft’s strategy and long-term value creation opportunities," says CFO Frédérick Duguet. [September]

  • Group Nine Raises $50 Million From Discovery, Axel Springer

Variety announced that Group Nine Media raised $50 million in new funding, led by its lead investor Discovery along with participation from German publishing firm Axel Springer. Group Nine says it has production deals with more than 20 TV channels and platforms including Discovery, Netflix, and Comedy Central. [August]

  • MTV Awards ratings are down, but social media engagement is way up

The MTV Awards were seen by 4.9 million viewers live on Monday across 12 different Viacom-owned networks, the Nielsen reported. MTV considers that more a reflection of changing media habits among young people than declining interest in its marquee show. The amount of young people watching cable television in general is rapidly shrinking, and social media measurements for the show are up, reflecting the different ways MTV’s audience consumes the programming. [August]

  • Verizon is selling Tumblr to WordPress’ owner

Verizon, which first acquired Tumblr in 2017 after it purchased Yahoo!, started to explore a sale earlier this year. Automattic reportedly bought Tumblr for less than $3 million, according to Axios, a stunning drop in value from the $1.1 billion Yahoo paid for it in 2013. [August]

  • PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters

The PodcastOne platform, called Launchpad Digital Media, is a free platform, including unlimited hosting; access to analytics including listenership, geography and device data; and complete control over how podcasts are distributed via Apple, Spotify, or other services. [August]

  • Disney to Bundle Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ For $12.99 Per Month
Disney's bundle of streaming content services will cost the same as Netflix's most popular standard plan in the U.S. [August]

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