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Today's featured article

Adobe expands its role in 3D and AR design with Adobe Aero. Hoping to help creatives produce more detailed and interactive projects, Adobe's new tools are aimed at those who work within gaming, entertainment, and architecture, to give creative control back to the artists who use them. Aero is a tool that allows designers to build and share immersive experience in alternative and mixed-realities — without needing to know how to code. Tap, drag, and drop to place objects in a scene, create animation paths, and add triggers that allow viewers can interact with projects. Users can import assets from Creative Cloud, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Stock's 3D collection.

Did you know...

Facebook no longer holds second place in the latest global website rankings; YouTube has taken its place, moving Facebook down in third position and effectively meaning Google holds 1 and 2. That said and despite the hot topic news surrounding Facebook, 97% of social advertisers still prefer it as their most used and most useful social media platform.

In the news

  • Spotify grows users 30% in Q3 2019, premium subscribers reach 113 million

VentureBeat announced this month that Spotify attributed some of its net premium subscriber growth to the “strong performance” of its student and family plans, the latter of which received some notable upgrades in the past few months. [October]

  • NVIDIA Announces CloudXR for AR/VR Rendering of SteamVR Applications Over 5G

MWC, notable as a forum for mobile industry announcements, and Road to VR, shared NVIDIA's announcement of CloudXR for AR/VR rendering of SteamVR applications over 5G. At MWC Los Angeles this week, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang demonstrated the company’s CloudXR platform which is made to stream cloud-rendered AR and VR content over 5G connections. [October]

  • LinkedIn now has a newsroom of 65 journalists and is hiring more'

Under the leadership of LinkedIn Editor in Chief, Dan Roth, CNN reports Roth has hired a team of journalists and empowered them with the tools they need to discover original stories and to distribute those stories to the right audience. [October]

  • Kevin Feige Named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel'

The mastermind of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been named Chief Creative Officer, Marvel in addition to being president of Marvel Studios. Feige continues to report to Walt Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn and co-chairman Alan Bergman. [October]

  • AMC Theater Chain Gets Into Streaming With On-Demand Movies'
The New York Times announced that AMC Theaters was getting into streaming with its own on-demand movies subscription service. Hollywood’s five biggest movie studios — Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony, and Paramount — have made deals with AMC for catalog and new-release movies. [October]

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