VMA Connect

VMA Connect is an Artist to Fan Music Video Creator platform founded by Manjeri Karthik in 2018 that was able to get +100k hrs on roku and android in the initial roll out.

VMA Connect is an independent media label that helps artists and creators distribute media and interact with fans through the VMA Connect platform and service tools and simultaneously distribute artist/creator media from the VMA network as well as the top digital networks from one platform. VMA provides artist media creation and management tools at a whole new level, providing customized branded apps for artists and their fans on Android, Chromecast, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Tizen TV, LG webOS TV, and the Web.

  • VMA TV & Music Global Distribution Network
  • The Digital Muscle for artists and creators
  • Finance management for Artists and Creators
  • Fan engagement and retention AI

In 2019, the company was accepted into the MediaTech Ventures startup program Collective.


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