Veridian Ventures

Veridian Ventures is an angel syndicate offering carefully curated investment opportunities to a network of Investor Members. Led by Partners John D. Philips, Dan Schönfeld, and Marwan El-Hakim, Veridian’s partners invest in each opportunity introduced to Members.

At Veridian they focus on innovative early-stage companies in the UK with strong growth and profit potential. A steady flow of quality deals, combined with a methodical and thorough diligence process, enables Veridian Ventures to identify superior investment opportunities.

One of the core values of the Veridian partners is to challenge and support ambitious and talented entrepreneurs, helping them to turn their potential into results. The partners draw from a wealth of expertise, connections and investment experience to help start-ups raise capital, develop growth strategies and navigate the challenges of a rapidly growing business.

Media related investments include Lirica, MusicGurus, and ClassForKids.


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