Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures, is a New York based venture capital firm managing, as of 2016, assets totaling $1 billion.1

Union Square Ventures was founded in 2003 by Fred Wilson (a former partner of Flatiron Partners) and Brad Burnham (a former Executor in Residence with AT&T Ventures). Their investments are “mostly U.S.-based Internet and mobile companies considered to be ‘disruptive’”.2 Fred Wilson has a high public profile stemming in part to his well written and popular blog AVC.com.

In 2007, Albert Wenger, the former president of del.icio.us, joined the firm as a partner. In 2011, Betaworks founder Andy Weissman joined USV. In 2018, Rebecca Kaden, previously a General Partner at Maveron joined USV and in 2019, USV announced Gillian Munson, formerly the CFO of XO Group, and Nick Grossman, who had previously worked at USV on special projects such as policy and crypto, were formally joining.

The firm had billion dollar exits every year from 2011 to 2017 including Zynga 2011 at 7.7B, Indeed 2012 at 1.4B, Tumblr 2013 1.1B, Twitter 2013 at 14.2 B, Lending Club 2014 at 5.42B, Etsy 2015 at 1.78B, Twilio 2016 at 1.23B, and MongoDB 2017 at 1.6B. Other media investments include Behance, Boxee, Clarifai, Del.icio.us, The Recount, Disqus, DuoLingo, Feedburner, Figure 1, Quizlet, Radionomy, and Yieldmo.


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