The Studio

The Studio is founded in July, 2018 by Chantal Abouchar, Bruce Tulloch, Dr. Maggie Haertsch, Paul X. McCarthy, Lynda Coker, and Tim Parsons.

The Studio provides a forum for representation and enhancement of the future of the media, entertainment, games and creative industries and facilitates connections between industry and innovation; and provides pathways to employment through internships and mentor programs.

The Studio community, backed by Animal Logic, University of NSW, CSIRO Data 61, Dolby Australia, Optus Yes Lab, Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, NIDA, Western Sydney University, and Australia’s Science Channel, provides a mechanism for government, business and industry to engage with the region and beyond by establishing alliances with incubators and co-working spaces located outside Australia. These relationships will facilitate and enhance industry, business and government relationships and partnerships.1

The Studio was an idea Founder and chief executive Chantal Abouchar developed while doing a Masters in Screen Arts and Business. Part of the buzz around The Studio is the portfolio of inaugural residents from technology, communications, media, entertainment, games, music, design and creative industries. The creative sector has traditionally been easy to ignore from a political perspective due to the highly-fragmented nature of ‘arts’.2


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