The Counter Rhythm Group

The Counter Rhythm Group was founded by Brian Penick, founder, drummer, and developer of Musicians Desk Reference and Soundstr, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After touring for more than 13 years, he turned to assisting independent artists with record marketing, publicity and radio promotion, among other critical areas. Today, Brian and the small staff of industry specialists at The Counter Rhythm Group have completed developmental campaigns for both emerging and well-known artists and music entities alike.1

For musicians and industry professionals, services include artist management and development, consultation, marketing and event promotion, technology and other specialty areas. For startups and businesses, they focus on growth through business development, content management, marketing and promotions, go-to-market strategies, and customer acquisition. With a client base ranging from DIY and major label artists to early-stage startups and large corporations, The Counter Rhythm Group works to help individuals and companies find pathways to sustainable growth through innovation and disruptive thinking.2


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