Synchronicity is a cloud-based, SaaS platform providing services designed to position the company as the central point of data communication within the broadcast radio ecosystem.

Spun out pf SpotMagic, a cloud service platform specifically designed to provide realtime program and advertising distribution services for the Radio and Television industries, and founded by John Armstrong, synchronicity is designed to become a 21st Century replacement for legacy satellite-based program distribution.

Clients realize both immediate and long-term benefits from replacing their existing production and distribution methods with Synchronicity. Short term, a reduction in operating costs, increased productivity and new revenue from affiliate targeted realtime commercial insertions. Long term, Synchronicity gives producers and broadcasters an easy, predictable way to benefit from the digital media transition without added management complexity or new capital expenditures

As of 2019, the system is now connected to more than 3,600 stations, and processed 100,000 hours of programming and 1.6 million commercials.


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