SURVIVR was founded in 2016 as Immosis, a VR development studio. Towards the end of 2017, Immosis became a VR agency and has since then served clients across training, education, gaming, and healthcare.

Founded by Marwan Kodeih and Brian Hoang, in 2018, the team appeared on a radio show to share their entrepreneurial journey with the world. One of the hosts, Rob Griffin, turned out to be a retired police officer of 12 years. After witnessing how immersive and realistic one of their VR demos was, he insisted that the team apply their expertise towards police training to help improve officer judgment and response times in high-risk situations.

Excited by the potential to positively impact public safety, the team shifted their focus to law enforcement. And thus, SURVIVR was born.

SURVIVR was accepted into the 2020 Austin, TX, class of Techstars.1


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