StriveCDN is a company in the OTT broadcasting industry. Our mission is to make global OTT broadcasting scalable, reliable and affordable. Thus we tackle one of the major problems that OTT broadcasters have to face today. Strive creates software that helps broadcasters to make their delivery infrastructure CDN grow dynamically with their audience. By using StriveCDN every viewer automatically becomes a part of your infrastructure and shares video data with other viewers. This new approach leads to a highly efficient content distribution that reduces your CDN cost by up to 90 percent At the same time your viewers experience a much more stable OTT stream and you never have to worry about traffic peaks again. The two founders of Strive, Alex and Chris both have a computer science background and started to develop the core technology behind StriveCDN 5 years ago The product kept growing and they started to shape a small tech project into one of the most interesting business model for todays OTT broadcasting industry.

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