Sony Innovation Fund

Sony Innovation Fund is Sony’s technology oriented corporate venture fund, dedicated to engaging with promising early-stage companies. As of 2019, Austin Noronha is Managing Director. Beyond investment, their mission is to provide access to the broader Sony world and its global network and collaborate with startups to:

  • Foster business creation in new and existing areas of interest to Sony
  • Catalyze a talented and passionate team
  • Develop innovative and scalable technology
  • Explore new and emerging ecosystems

Sony launched the fund jointly with Daiwa Capital Holdings — the VC arm of investment bank Daiwa Securities – in 2016 and in July, 2019, announced a further $185MM to invest in tech startups.1

Their portfolio includes such media companies as MainStreaming, Fotokite, Roli, Tracklib, Verity Studios, littlstar, and


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