Rey Gutierrez

Rey Gutierrez works in the development and creation of experiences in the music and video game industries; most recently as the founder of Murder Palace, a leading, full-service entertainment and advertising agency. MURDER PALACE is a collective of specialists including storytellers, strategists and artists with large-scale production resources to create, market and distribute content for its diverse client portfolio of major brands and top entertainment companies.

Rey began his music video career with “Glitter Girl” by Morrison Poe, which was featured as the theme song for Perfect Dark Zero. The music video debuted on MTV’s TRL and Xbox Gamer’s Week for the launch of the Xbox 360, playing to music and gaming fans alike in Times Square. Rey launched one of the first multi-cam video game live-streams in 2008 on [now Twitch]. This ultimately led to his role as the Head of Video at Destructoid. Gutierrez garnered accolades for contributions to the gaming industry, later spending five years developing and producing video content for gaming’s biggest name, PlayStation.

At Sony, his work creating definitive trailers and documentaries for PlayStation hardware, software and partnerships, still lives on. He played a role in helping launch the official PlayStation Twitch Channel and the first PlayStation Daily E3 Live Stream in 2011 on Twitch and YouTube.

Following PlayStation, Gutierrez served as the Lead Video Artist and Operator for Patreon, the lead platform for creators, and became an award-winning cinematographer and my work on the feature-length horror film called Pitchfork gained me recognition at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and The Nightmare Film Festival; securing Best Cinematography for the film at both events.


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