Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings is a podcast production company; a collective of audio professionals & branding creatives who are motivated to make podcasting easy.

The team is trained & educated to use innovative technology to help create quality podcasts that represent unique creative expressions that resonate with listeners. Since 2014, founded by Jacob Bozarth, they have been committed to building something bigger than a podcast production company. They’ve accomplished this by bringing together an amazing team of audio engineers & branding creatives, allowing instant access to the most talented & competent podcasting partner in this industry.

Resonate Recordings offers a wide range of services to ensure you are able to consistently release high-quality episodes. Headquartered in Derby City – Louisville, Kentucky, they are committed to developing partnerships with clients.

The team of audio professionals at Resonate Recordings has provided production services for feature films, broadcast television, multiple albums, top chart podcasts, and audiobooks. Their simple pricing structure and streamlined production processes are designed with the production in mind.

They approach this work differently than other podcast production companies. As an experienced team of producers, writers, audio engineers, and podcast launch experts, not just podcast editors, Resonate’s unique system helps ensure the finalized audio is as best as it can be. Resonate Recordings has launched hundreds of succesful podcasts ranging from podcasts for fortune 500 companies, entreprenuers, influencers, and hobbiest solo podcasters.


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