Reim Entertainment

Reim Entertainment is an entertainment startup making their first product in the gaming industry. Founded by Christopher Reimsch├╝ssel in 2018, the company is currently based in Houston where they’ve been developing an ARPG for mobile platforms.

Their vision is to entertain by creating amazing experiences. To accomplish this, their mission is to be at the forefront of entertainment through the love and passion they put into games. The core values they have established are the center of how they conduct themselves in and out of the office and they have plans in the future to make short comics around our games, books, and short-films using the Unity game engine to market our games.

They are a startup targeting the North American (US and Canada) mobile market for our first game with plans to expand to other regions after its release. This segment allows them to self-publish which reduces overall costs to develop their first titles. In 2017, North American mobile gaming generated $32.7Bn in revenue which is 23.7% of the gaming industry’s global revenue. There are 200 million mobile gamers in the region and many of them are looking for a game that is different from the common free-to-play business models that has dominated the segment. Reim Entertainment games would be sold as a premium title, at a low price. Additional revenue would come from paid expansion content and cosmetic in-app purchases.

In 2019, the company was accepted into the MediaTech Ventures startup program Collective.


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