Reality Strategies

Reality Strategies is a AR/VR expertise and management consulting firm based in Austin, TX.

Led by Chris Coleman, a versatile, battle-tested marketing executive with a 30-year track record of innovation and impact as a CMO, advertising agency EVP and Marketing Consultant working with iconic brands (AT&T, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, LeapFrog, Williams Energy, and the Dallas Cowboys) to start-ups and everything in-between, Reality Strategies works to rapidly get up to speed on the dynamic AR/VR landscape, assess AR/VR risks and opportunities, chart winning “Reality” paths forward, identify, evaluate & manage AR/VR project vendors, and serve as a Virtual CRO: Chief Reality Officer.

With Chad Huston and through Reality Strategies, Chris Coleman founded Solomoar to develop a foundational patent portfolio at the intersection of social, local, mobile and artificial reality.1


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