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Pritan Ambroase continues to be globally praised for combining entertainment, philanthropy and education to further humanitarian goals to unite the world, and since 2018 is collaborating with heavyweights such as Dame Judi Dench, Adrien Brody, Joanna Lumley, Amanda Holden, and Bear Grylls. The aforementioned stars are official supporters of Pritan’s philanthropic foundation Humans Of Our World, which is also partners with Ambroase’s Hollywood Insider, which he acquired to revamp, and re-engineer to focus on substance and meaningful entertainment.

Pritan moved from Kent, England to California for college, although his schooling from elementary to high school was completed in over 11 different schools – 6 of which were boarding schools, in 7 different countries, 3 different continent, and multiple cities. He was 5 years old when he was first enrolled into elite boarding schools. He credits his humanitarian values to his diverse schooling and global upbringing, which immersed him in a variety of cultures, languages, religions, lifestyles and perspectives which according to him, has left him with no choice but to unite our world as there are more similarities than differences.

Pritan had begun public speaking at the young age of 8, and by 14 he was seen acting as Master Of Ceremonies for events hosted by the leader of the Conservative Party, Lord Michael Howard, in United Kingdom. After garnering multiple awards for acting and writing plays for the stage as well as well radio at St. Edmunds School, in Canterbury, Kent, England, he was discovered by his agent who specialized in lead/principal roles. A radio play written by Pritan, on the life of Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas A Becket, won the Best Radio Play award, in which he also voiced the lead role of Becket.

In theatre, Pritan won accolades and received multiple standing ovations for playing complex lead roles in the dramatic genre. Theatre directors commented on his depth and range and remarked that he was far too young to display such gravity and immense intensity and grit in his performances. Pritan was auditioned by director Robert Bierman for his first ever TV starring role. After the audition, the director asked him if he had already done multiple Films and TV, but Pritan honestly responded that it was his first ever TV audition. Bierman commented that after Pritan’s audition, he was convinced that Pritan was a highly experienced veteran and a remarkable actor, and was shocked that this was his first audition. He landed the starring role on a British TV series, but after multiple episodes, went back to complete high school as education was important to him.

2005 saw Pritan completing his second script at 17 years old, although he had written his first script at 12 years old. At 19, he became the youngest person in England to be funded, by National Lottery programs such as Unltd and Big Boost, to direct a film. Pritan acted as the lead as well as directed the film with an international cast and crew. Pritan’s performance as a blind teenager won accolades and the film went on to be showcased at Cannes Film Festival 2007, and was critically acclaimed. After Cannes, the film was also showcased at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2007.

2006 also saw Pritan establish his personal philanthropic foundation HUMANS OF OUR WORLD whose goal was to combine entertainment, philanthropy and education to unite the world, regardless of segregation and differences, and make the world a better place. As an initiative of his foundation, for his first film, Pritan also hired local underprivileged youths to work on the film in various crew roles and help them get more experience. In the past decade, his foundation has helped millions of people including countries struck by natural disasters.

After making multiple appearances at Venice Film Festival, Pritan praised the institution for uniting the world through art, cinema and talent regardless of political borders and segregation, a quality which aligns with Pritan’s humanitarian values and his foundation Humans Of Our World. Pritan is a regular on front rows of New York Fashion Week, red carpet movie premieres, and has served as face and spokesperson for multiple high profile luxury brands.

Ambroase has been seen as host for multiple shows for Hollywood Insider. Along with him and his foundation partnering with high-profile stars and Hollywood Insider on a humanitarian campaign – he is a also producing and directing the documentary and also the initiative which provides assistance to villagers in Nepal, Africa, and South America.


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