MooviCOIN is breaking paradigms with the newest Movie and TV show production platform. Utilizing blockchain technology, MOOVICOIN is able to create smart contracts and increase transparency for all movie productions.

Founded by Adam Siu, Johnson Cheang, and Chuck Choi, their vision is to create a platform that has assembled the world’s best talent in the movie industry, ranging from production film crews to directors to big Hollywood stars, action teams and media mogul investors. The Agency “Talent Pools” allow for easy search of required skill-sets so all parts of the movie production can be assembled within days. With Moovicoin’s algorithm production teams can easily calculate projected cost and earnings to allow quick decisive choices to be made by executing blockchain technology smart contracts to seal the deal kick start the production.

They are creating a platform that offers opportunity for fresh new ideas and stories from young and experienced scriptwriters to share their stories to the world through their network of strong distribution channels on Live Streaming Platforms to Movie Theaters around the world.


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