Since its inception in 1992, under the leadership of Annabella Coldrick, the The MMF has worked to educate, inform and represent UK music managers as well as offering a network through which managers can share experiences, opportunities and information.1

Membership stands at over 500, with global businesses and a wider network of over 2700 managers extending throughout the USA, from their headquarters at Tileyard Studios in London.

The core purpose of The MMF:

  • Educate: We support managers’ continuous professional development within an evolving music industry.
  • Innovate: We create and highlight opportunities to develop and grow artist businesses.
  • Advocate: We provide a collective voice and leadership to affect change for a transparent and fairer music industry for artists and their fans.

The MMF engages, advises and lobbies industry associates and wider industry on issues that are relevant to managers and they continue to recruit members and grow the network; presently managing over 1,000 artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Lily Allen, Mumford & Sons, Robbie Williams, Ella Eyre, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Royal Blood, and Kaiser Chiefs.2

The top priorities of The MMF are:

  • Educating the world on the role of the music manager: help people understand the increasingly important role of the manager, how it is changing and what it is we do.
  • Professional development: supporting our members in developing their knowledge and skills as music managers through formal courses and more focused workshops and seminars
  • Investment into Music Industry: encourage more investment into artists businesses through our Amplify seed investment fund and building knowledge of other available funding sources both private and public
  • Representation: Campaigning on behalf of our members to affect change
  • Streaming: Our report Dissecting the Digital Dollar documents how streaming services are licensed by the music industry, why they are licensed that way and to inform debate around the evolving streaming sector. We actively encourage the industry to be transparent and ask for fair, industry wide equitable payments for artists.
  • Secondary Ticketing: The MMF were founder members of and support the FanFair Alliance, a campaign uniting fans, music businesses and artist against online ticket touting.
  • Mental Health: support managers in taking care of their own mental health and that of their artists signposting to professional advice as appropriate
  • Collective Digital Licensing: hold those who collect artist and songwriters royalties to account, explore solutions to the data challenge to encourage innovation and growth.

In 2018, The MMF launched, in partnership with YouTube Music, the Accelerator Programme for Music Managers – the first ever independent funding and professional development initiative designed solely for artist, songwriter and producer managers. APMM is aimed at managers based in England and Scotland who are in full or part-time employment, looking to make the leap into full-time music management with their own company.3


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