Michael Hodson

Michael Hodson is an Austin, TX based founder in virtual reality and 360 video. He is the founder of OnlyInVR and a partner in Virtual Traveler.

Before OnlyInVR, Hodson spent 10 years as a lawyer. In December 2008, he decided to take a break and set out on a 16-month trek across 44 countries and six continents. It would be an open-ended journey without booking any flights or hotels in advance. He wanted to do something “fun, challenging and unique,” he wrote for BBC Travel in 2015.1

Hodson created a travel blog to document and share his experiences, from travel preparation to the journey itself. And as his blog shows, he quickly discovered how difficult it can be to manage expenses, reservations and transportation while traveling internationally.2

The OnlyInVR team specializes in capturing and producing videos from beginning to end. They also offer virtual tours of places around the world for clients.


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