Marwan El-Hakim

Marwan El-Hakim has over eighteen years of experience working globally across a variety of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, technology, construction, supply chain and logistics, and government. He is a partner at Veridian Ventures.

He has broad experience across a variety of disciplines including strategy, change management, business process transformation, program management, strategic planning, and technology management. Marwan currently consults for a number of global organizations. Prior to his current role, he held management positions at Goldman Sachs and American Express.

Over the past few years, Marwan has invested in several high growth start-ups that have either reached profitability or have raised additional funding at higher valuations. He also advises start-ups on business strategy, fundraising, and valuation. He applies rigorous business analysis and uses his technical experience to evaluate start-up potential.

Marwan holds an MBA from INSEAD and an undergraduate degree in Computer and Communication Engineering.


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