Literati is a new kind of bookseller focused on solving the specific challenges parents face when finding the best books for their children.

Founded by Jessica Ewing and Kelly Carroll in Austin, TX in 2017, Literati works with top educators and librarians and pour thousands of hours into obsessively researching the best children’s books from around the world. Every month is a brand new production. A new theme, with new original artwork, new extras, and a brand new set of books. Everything is returnable and the company stands by selections with a simple mission: to make parents and children love reading time, every day, by building a vibrant product and community that sparks imagination into life, builds intellectual curiosity, and encourages audacious imagination.

In October, 2019, Crunchbase announced Literati has raised a $12M Series A led by Shasta Ventures. Other investors participated in the financing, including Dick Costolo of 01 Advisors (and former Twitter CEO), as well as Katie Jacobs Stanton and Jessica Verilli, founding partners of #Angels, Dan Graham of Springdale Ventures, Eventbrite founder Kevin Hartz, GLG founder Thomas Lehrman, Allan Hubbard, and follow-on investments from Founders Fund Pathfinder and Silverton Partners. Literati also received funding from Brent Montgomery at Wheelhouse, which is backed by comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.1


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