Lirica is looking to music to change the way people learn languages. Songs make language memorable, as they are naturally engaging and form a window into the cultures they represent.

Their mission is to place this powerful classroom learning interaction directly into the hands of people to learn anywhere, whenever they want. From reggaeton icons such as Nicky Jam or golden voices such as Julieta Venegas, to fresh faced newcomers CNCO, Lirica has a repertoire of songs, styles and levels to suit taste and level.

Founded in London, England, by Paul Custance, Duncan Grierson, and Petros Lafazanidis, Lirica has been tested with students of Spanish at Birkbeck, LSE, King’s and Instituto Cervantes with amazing results.

In September 2019, Lirica raised $1 Million with Sony Music and Veridian Ventures1 Launched in 2017, Lirica has grown to six full-time employees, over 50,000 downloads and 32 songs on the app for now—though Sony Music has a catalog of thousands of Spanish songs.


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