LeanSquare is a seed and early stage investment group, accelerator, and and media industry work space in Liège, Belgium. The group has a special interest in MusicTech and collaborates with groups such as Wallifornia, Meusinvest, and Creative Wallonia.

LeanSquare’s core business is in the (co)financing of the “new economy“ start-up which show a real potential for growth and offers a wide range of tools to prepare the ground for financing. At the maturation stage: tools for everyone (MOOC, articles for the general public, community, etc.), at the acceleration stage: collective tools as well as individual tools, in order to ultimately draw up a good financing plan.1

The team includes partners and directors such as Jose Zurstrassen, Gérôme Vanherf, Xavier Péters, Roald Sieberath, and Gaëtan Baudelet. Their portfolio includes industry ventures such as Abrakam Entertainment, Dog Studio, Soundbops, and vochlea.


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