KGO Radio

KGO is a commercial AM radio station licensed to San Francisco, California. It is one of two Talk radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area owned by Cumulus Media; the other is 560 KSFO.

KGO operates with 50,000 watts, the highest power permitted AM radio stations by the Federal Communications Commission. But it uses a directional antenna to protect the other Class A station on 810 kHz, WGY in Schenectady, New York.

Most nights KGO can be heard throughout the Western United States east to the Rocky Mountains, and in Northern Mexico, Western Canada and Alaska. KGO operated as the West Coast flagship radio station of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) until the radio group was purchased by Citadel Broadcasting in 2007. The station became part of Cumulus Media, following its 2011 merger with Citadel.1

While KSFO airs mostly nationally syndicated talk hosts, KGO runs mostly local hosts on weekdays. They have studios in the SoMa portion of San Francisco’s Financial District and before Cumulus took over the station, it was based in the same building as its former television partner KGO-TV at the ABC Broadcast Center. I


  1. Cumulus Now Owns Citadel Broadcasting↩︎
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