Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin is the Austin based founder and principal of Northshore Media Productions and Chief Production Officer of MediaTech Ventures.

A Chicago native and Electrical Engineer, has spent nearly 30 years playing various musical instruments, beginning with Classical piano at the age of 4. His father, who spent much of his youth growing up in London, presented Kevin with his mostly British-based Classic Rock and Jazz record collection from the 60’s and 70’s, and it was at this point in Kevin’s early teens that he discovered his love for the electric guitar as well as the sounds and styling of music from this Golden Era in Music.

Kevin has since played lead guitar in front of a 50 piece symphonic wind ensemble, toured through villas in Italy with a Jazz Big Band, and headlined many major venues in Chicago with his original and cover bands in addition to winning several outstanding soloist awards while performing at the prestigious North Texas University Jazz Festival. ​ While recording, experimenting, and learning about great tone and great production in various recording studios over the past 20 years from some internationally acclaimed mentors, Kevin also developed an obsession with audio engineering and music production/arranging. He began to build up his recording studio in the Northshore of Chicago, which would eventually become Northshore Media Productions, which has since relocated to the “Northshore” of Austin in late 2013, also known as Round Rock, a very bustling suburb of Austin.

In 2013, Kevin was voted a double winner in the Jazz and R&B categories for the EARS Mix-Off Competition (Engineering and Audio Recording Society of Chicago).

In 2014, Kevin founded EARS ATX (Engineering and Audio Recording Society of Austin), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in audio and music production. It accomplishes this by providing free music production related educational seminars, clinics, and events to the Austin community.

In both 2015 and 2016, NMP was awarded Thumbtack’s “Best of” award for best Music Producer and Recording Studio.1


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