Josh Oeding

Josh Oeding is the Founder and Managing Member of Accelerate Venture Partners, a network of accredited investors, family offices, and venture funds in Wichita, Kansas.

By connecting high growth startups with the capital and expertise they need to thrive, the vision Josh put in place in AVP is realized though the hard work of the founders that AVP seeks to fund.

​Josh is also the President & CEO of e2e Accelerator, wh0ere his passion for Wichita, Startups, and relationships collide. As a seasoned corporate venture and innovation leader, he’s had the privilege to work with some of the most passionate and hard-working people in the world.

Through e2e Accelerator, Oeding is building an organization while also helping to build a startup community. The emerging Wichita startup community is experiencing rapid growth that has been seen in other cities throughout the US. The vision for e2e is to be a catalyst for that continued growth, collaborating with others while taking leadership of a few key elements.


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