John Robison

John Robison, 54, has a 30-year career believing in the marriage between content and technology. He has a successful history investing and building disruptive companies identifying and securing leading edge, innovative developers and technology from around the globe beginning with E-Systems (now owned by Raytheon).

Currently, Robison serves on the board of the Austin Film Society & Studios with Richard Linklater, Austin Public (Public Television) and the Austin Music Awards with SXSW. He is the founding owner of New Republic Studios (formerly Spiderwood Studios) on its 200-acre lot along the Colorado river minutes from Austin. Past relationships in the film industry began in 1994 with Regent Entertainment and Bad Hat Harry as well as Last Chance Picture Co (with Bryan Cranston) and HMW (with Albert S. Ruddy) and China partner Sil Metropole, the most critical and historic film partner in China (via Hong Kong as the only one to receive censorship review exemption for China). Most recently, Robison has helped form Truth + Fiction (Dallas Buyers Club).

Robison continues his dedication to new technology sparking change and currently serves as Chairman and Co-Founder of a transformative GaaP technology, Gov Whiz, Inc. (with Morgan Warstler), multimedia technology platform ArenaEdge, Inc. and Vizidot helping brands to use their brand logos to bring consumable content (music, movies and education) to the masses.

Robison’s private equity participation includes ground-breaking Internet trends such as polite delivery technologies (Load Media Network with Warstler), early file sharing companies (Bluemoon/Fasttrack) which launched Kazaa and Skype, education-based Knowledge Universe companies (including Vidyah, Tech Chek, PPI and Leap Frog) and data storage company Rackspace (founded by fellow A&M friend Graham Weston).

Robison is a 1985 graduate of Texas A&M University with a bachelor in business administration degree.

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