Innovid is a video marketing platform, founded by Zvika Netter, Zack Zigdon, and Tal Chalozin in 2007, that provides brands, agencies, and publishers with what they need to make video marketing work at scale.1

Innovid helps create, serve, and measure video ads, including addressable and interactive ads, for brands such as Bank of America, GlaxoSmithKline, Campbell’s, L’Oréal, and Toyota. They work with publishers such as Hulu, Fox, and Roku to create new ad formats and serve ads to a growing number of internet-enabled televisions.

Marketers pay a licensing fee for Innovid technology that helps them create different versions of ads, and then a fee based on how many ads they serve. Publishers also pay for the technology. The company doesn’t currently charge varying rates for serving ads on different sizes or types of screens—connected TV versus mobile devices, for example—but it is considering changing that in the future.

On January 7, 2019, Innovid announced it had raised $30 million from the Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing group as the advertising-technology company continues to invest in its connected-television capabilities and looks to boost its presence globally.2

The 220-person firm has raised a total of $52.6 million and plans to hire another 70 people this year and open offices in Germany, France, and Japan.


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