Hollywood Insider

Hollywood Insider is a trusted platform, across multiple media channels, covering the business, substance and meaningful side of global entertainment and its major players. Founded by Pritan Ambroase in 2014 in New York, Hollywood Insider strives to present in-depth coverage of the factors affecting and of interest to readers and viewers around the World.

By being focused on factual and reliable coverage, rather than rumor, gossip and sensationalism, we are able to present information ignored elsewhere. As such, it continues to be an outlet for the concerns/observations about cultural, psychological, political, environmental, ecological, social and philanthropic matters from the thousands of personalities who relish the opportunity. In their normal world, except for a privileged few, interviews and profiles are constrained by ‘showbusiness’ only agendas.

From the worlds of cinema, television, stage, fashion, politics and Silicon Valley, Hollywood Insider present important commentary and exchanges of information for educators, protégés, pioneers, new age philosophers, tastemakers, industry leaders and trailblazers.


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