Hearst Magazines

Hearst Magazine, a division of Hearst began in 1903, with William Randolph Hearst’s creation of Motor magazine. He later acquired several other publications, including Cosmopolitan in 1905, and Good Housekeeping in 1911.

W. R. Hearst entered the book publishing business in 1913 with the formation of Hearst’s International Library. W. R. Hearst began producing film features in the mid-1910s, creating one of the earliest animation studios: the International Film Service, turning characters from Hearst newspaper strips into film characters. After purchasing the Atlanta Georgian in 1912, the San Francisco Call and the San Francisco Post in 1913, Hearst acquired the Boston Advertiser and the Washington Times (unrelated to the present-day paper) in 1917. He later purchased the Chicago Herald in 1918 (resulting in the Herald-Examiner). In 1919, Hearst’s book publishing division was renamed Cosmopolitan Book.


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