Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley is a video game journalist, television presenter, and founder of The Game Awards.

Keighley is well known for hosting the video game show GameTrailers TV, and for co-hosting the now-defunct He was invited by the producers of Spike’s Video Game Awards program in 2006 and with the later changes to the format of the show and rebranded (VGX Awards), Keighley left in 2013.1 Through 2014, he funded his own efforts to put together a new awards show, gaining the support of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, as well as major publications and industry leaders, to establish The Game Awards; first presented in December 2014.

In 2015, Geoff Keighley hosted the E3 Coliseum event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.2

Today, Keighley is also seen as a host on GameStop TV in 4,300 retail locations across the US, and serves as the chairman of the Game Critics Awards, an independent body of game journalists who award the annual “Best of E3” honors. He also works with Fathom Events to bring video games to movie theaters nationwide with the PlayStation E3 Experience, which brings the annual PlayStation E3 press conference live to fans in every state across America.


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