Eon Corporation

EON Corporation, formally known as TV Answer, is a wireless communication company with patented technology for transmitting and receiving data messages in a wireless network.

EON’s mission was to deliver the “triple play” of wireless voice, data and television services to customers on a nationwide basis. EON’s solutions to the various technical problems encountered in devising and deploying such a service became the subject of dozens of foundational communications patents both in the US and abroad. EON’s real-time, two-way messaging network technology was widely used and licensed by the paging industry. In the late 1990s, EON’s wireless, two-way communication system was introduced in Mexico to the billion dollar vending industry.

Eon is led by Alfonso Barragan, who has been involved in the business since its early days as TV Answer. Today, Eon continues to innovate new technology solutions and to license its existing technologies to businesses in the wireless telemetry, mobile communications and interactive video.


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