Elijah Whites

Elijah Whites is the CTO and executive of Google partners programs at Serving Social LLC. Elijah has had the opportunity to work with highly influential companies across numerous industries. His work discovers new and creative ways to incorporate marketing strategies through technology to gain brand awareness and increase market share.

Having worked with small businesses and national brands to reach a broader audience. Elijah’s work engages users across multiple platforms and increase online as well as in-store traffic by using Google‘s Street Views 360-degree immersive Technology.

The Elijah serves as an Advisor to VettedHeroes – A platform for training and career placement for our country’s former military members. As the Advisor for VettedHeroes, Elijah oversees all research and development initiatives. His work is helping this worthy organization connect skilled veterans with employers that want to hire them.

Elijah and his wife Kristie Whites (CEO and Founder of Serving Social) are launching a new Brand that will build, connect, and grow small businesses across the country. The Traveling Marketer is a new endeavor that takes online marketing directly to businesses and supports the Serving Social mission of creating positive change. Working with Sponsors who promote a Smart City initiatives across the globe.1

Whites is a celebrated mentor in MediaTech Ventures and the media innovation incubator Collective.


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