David Chavern

David Chavern is President and CEO of the News Media Alliance, responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and telling the powerful — and optimistic — story of the future of the news industry.

He acts as spokesman and lead advocate for the industry; regularly engaging press, Administration, Congress, regulatory bodies and commercial partners (including advertisers and digital media platforms).

Under his leadership, NMA has undertaken a complete redesign of organization, including new name/brand, strategy, programs, people, dues structure, membership criteria, value proposition, messaging, web presence and offices, and they are adding new members for the first time in a decade. They established the first Political Action Committee in the association’s history, created and executed campaign for an anti-trust safe harbor for digital news organizations, with the first bill being introduced in the House of Representatives in March of 2018, and we are carrying-out a long-term public education campaign in support of “real news” (#SupportRealNews).

The News Media Alliance is leading a multi-pronged campaign to stop tariffs on Canadian newsprint1 including strategic communications, creation of a multi-industry coalition and legislative and administrative initiatives. The Alliance is also the sponsor of the American Press Institute, a $40 million 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to the future of news publishing and journalism.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University, Villanova University School of Law, and the University of Pittsburgh, and has served Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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  1. Stop Newsprint Tariffs↩︎
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