Dave Park

Dave Park is a digital media technologist, former artist manager, and occasional speaker at music/tech industry events like SXSW, MIDEM, SF MusicTech, TEDx, and MusicBiz.

His work in music analysis and interactive music systems is focused on mining music data to create new experiences for music fans; he’s the CEO and a co-founder of Recombinant.

His focus has modeled Recombinant as a music data and media technology lab. Over the last decade, they’ve taught computers to write music, put the fan in the band, and discovered our data might drive smarter advertising. They’re developing solutions for repurposing music data as visual input, making images and ads contextually responsive to music.

Recombinant is also developing virtual talent applications with their flagship product, Song AI, an interactive music platform enabling anyone to play any instrument on any song, expertly and improvisationally, by touchscreen or motion control. The beta iOS version (JamBandit) had installs in 144 countries and free-to-paid conversion in double digit percentages on a zero marketing budget. Investors include SF MusicTech Fund, Brian Zisk, Ty Roberts, Peermusic, and Wonderful Union / Ground CTRL, among a number of other angels.

Recombinant also holds revenue share and other agreements with major rights holders including Universal Music Group, Universal Music Publishing, and Peermusic, as well as a range of noteworthy independent artists.


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