Dan Schönfeld

Dan Schönfeld has twenty years of experience in the fields of investment, finance, strategy, economics, business development and law, with top-tier organizations such as McKinsey & Company, UBS and Ernst & Young. Today, he is a partner of Veridian Ventures.

During the last six years in his role as Partner and Head of Finance for Vital Capital, Dan led Vital Capital’s investment operations, overseen all investment opportunity screening and due diligence work, held overall responsibility for Vital Capital’s financial operations, and monitored many of Vital Capital’s portfolio companies. In many cases, he also represented Vital Capital on these companies’ Boards of Directors.

Prior to this, Dan was a management consultant for over a decade, during which he initiated and led a large number of assignments in a broad range of industries, including infrastructure, construction, healthcare, energy, telecommunication, financial services and others, in several markets and geographies.

Over the last years Dan has made several investments in early-stage companies both in the UK and elsewhere, a number of which have gone on to raise additional capital at substantially higher valuations. He brings with him a strong foundation of business fundamentals and a rigorous, methodological approach to the analysis of potential investment opportunities by Veridian.


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