Conductor, founded by Kevin Baillie in 2005 in Oakland, California, accelerates the VFX and Animation industry’s transition from local, fixed infrastructure to an on-demand, cloud-based model.

Conductor is a revolutionary cloud platform for Media & Entertainment, leading the industry’s transition to cloud-based, infinitely scalable and on-demand resources for rendering, simulation, and virtual reality. Conductor enables entire workflows of VFX and Animation facilities to extend seamlessly into the cloud, all while providing amazing data insights and fine-grained controls over usage and spending.

Backed by Walden Venture Capital and Autodesk, leveraging the power of remote cloud rendering and seamlessly integrating with production workflow, the company is a core enabling service and money saver for its clients. Conductor was spun out of Atomic Fiction, a visual effects company founded by Kevin Baillie and Ryan Tudhope where the product was used on blockbusters including The Walk, Deadpool, and Game of Thrones.


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