Blink Identity

Blink Identity sees both back-of-house and front-of-house event industry applications: providing heightened security and safety backstage and streamlining identity verification at the door to provide expedited, personalized experiences for VIP fans. Co-founders Mary Haskett (CEO) and Alex Kilpatrick (CTO) previously worked together for a decade on large-scale biometric identification systems for the military.

In the live music industry, the average fan buys between two to three tickets per transaction for a show. But there is currently no widely-adopted method of determining who actually walks into the venue, or where those tickets go after that initial transaction — meaning that venues and ticketing companies have historically gathered accurate data only for around 1/3 to 1/2 of concertgoers.

In 2018, the team announced a brand-new pilot program with Live Nation to incorporate Blink’s technology into select Live Nation-owned venues through Ticketmaster’s venue access control and fan engagement platform TM Presence, as well as in Live Nation’s own corporate buildings.

TechstarsTechstars Music Accelerator featured Blink Identity was part of their 2018 cohort.1


  1. Music Startups Transforming the Music Industry for Good↩︎
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