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WMG Boost is a seed stage venture fund founded in 2018 by Warner Music Group, investing in the companies, ideas, and entrepreneurs that will drive the evolution of the music industry; whether the concept enhances the way people enjoy or discover music and music experiences, helps us get closer to our consumers, or is out to completely disrupt the way the industry works.

Not your typical seed fund, by working with WMG Boost, you have access to not only Warner Music Group’s capital, but also to strategic advice and mentorship that no other investor can bring to the table

Did you know...

Ron Conway is considered Silicon Valley’s “super angel” known for his early support of media companies such as Facebook, Buzzfeed, Photobucket, RockYou, and Napster.

In the news

  • LinkedIn Expects Media Biz to Bring in $2 Billion in 2018

LinkedIn, the business and employment network, says it expects to bring in roughly $2 billion from its media business — mostly via ad revenue — by the end of this fiscal year. [November]

  • Pandora's Podcast Recommendation Engine Launches in beta Today

Pandora made its interest in podcasting clear several times this year. Now, the music-streaming company is ready to announce the "Podcast Genome Project," a tool that's both a cataloging system and recommendation algorithm for spoken audio programs. [November]

  • Facebook launches Amazon Echo Rival, partners with Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart

Facebook's new ‘video communication’ devices are called the Portal and Portal+, and feature widescreen displays, hands-free voice control and AI-powered cameras and sound; launching their smart speaker business with Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio. [October]

  • Warner Music Announces WMG Boost, An Investment Fund for Start-Ups

Bloomberg announces Warner Music Group has created WMG Boost, a seed-stage investment fund created to support entrepreneurial growth and unique thinking within the music industry. The fund will invest in businesses in their earliest stages of development that have relation to recorded music business. [October]

  • Disney Is the King of Hollywood, Says Mediatech Capital Partners' Bibb

Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital Partners, previews third-quarter results from Walt Disney Co.

[August - VIDEO]

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