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VidMob, a leading video creation platform, announced in July 2019 an investment led by Texas based BuildGroup. The innovative technology solutions provide by VidMob enable a network of highly trained creators to develop marketing communications that are insight-driven, personalized, and scalable. VidMob creators produce the full spectrum of video content across every social/digital channel, format, and language. VidMob is an Official Marketing Partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Twitter and the recipient of two top industry awards in 2017: Instagram’s Innovation Award and Twitter #Promote.

BuildGroup co-founder and CEO Lanham Napier offered a statement in Techcrunch, praising VidMob for "not only offering up meaningful insights, but also providing the tools and talent to quickly and cost-effectively activate on that intelligence."

Earlier this year, VidMob released their 2018 U.S. State of Social Video report worth a download here.

Did you know...

Over the course of the last 10 years, podcasts have steadily grown from a niche community of audiobloggers distributing files over the internet, to one-third of Americans now listening monthly and a quarter listening weekly. According to Edison Research, the demographic of podcast listeners is not your average American. Roughly half of podcast listeners make $75,000 or more in annual income; a majority have a post-secondary degree; and almost one-third have a graduate degree. There’s also a gender gap with podcast listeners skewing mostly male, mirroring the gap among podcast creators as well. The gender gap has narrowed from a 25% gap in 2008 to 9% today.

In the news

  • VidMob raises $25M for its Video Advertising Tools

BuildGroup announced that it was leading a $25M Series B round for the New York-based video advertising startup VidMob. [July]

  • Crowdsourcing Web Imagery Through AI To Understand Television News

Deep learning has revolutionized our ability to understand the visual world. Machines can now readily sift through billions of images a day and catalog the objects and activities they depict, scan them for violence or nudity, identify text, estimate their location and any number of other capabilities using libraries of pre-trained models. [July]

  • Warner Music Group's Digital Chief Ole Obermann Exits Label

Warner Music Group's chief digital officer, Ole Obermann, is leaving the company, Billboard has confirmed. The New York-based executive's departure comes as a surprise; according to sources who spoke with the online publication, Obermann decided not to renew his contract. [June]

  • Andreessen Horowitz Reports on Investment in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019

a16z notes that Americans listening weekly to podcasts grew from 7% in 2013 to 22% in 2019. 65% of monthly podcast listeners have been listening for less than 3 years. [May]

  • Interplay Learning set to expand VR training for blue-collar jobs

Austin startup Interplay Learning has created digital training programs where you can strap on a VR headset and learn HVAC skills. [May]

  • Condé Nast Names Ex-Pandora Chief Roger Lynch CEO

Roger Lynch has been named Condé Nast’s first global CEO, with the former Pandora and Dish Network exec, stepping into the role April 22. [April]

  • Is Streaming Music Killing the Planet?

Futurism reports a study published by researchers from the University of Glasgow and the University of Oslo, that streaming music is "killing the planet" — dwarfing the environmental toll of the golden age of physical media.


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