LOUD Capital

LOUD Capital is an entrepreneurial collective and venture capital firm founded by Darshan Vyas and Navin Goyal in 2015 in Columbus, OH. The company empowers entrepreneurs and investors with capital, talent, and connections necessary to amplify success.

LOUD VENTURE FUNDS This is their early to mid-stage fund. Start-up companies in this portfolio offer high risk but at the same time a potential for significant return within a 7 – 10 year horizon. This is a diversified portfolio with companies across many sectors in order to blend the risk.

DEBT/EQUITY HYBRID This is our medium risk fund to offer a blend of a venture play along with shares/equity in to the company and a revenue return on the top line over a 5 year horizon. Investors see dividend returns on an annual basis that start within a few years.

DIRECT CAPITAL & PE This is a lower-medium risk fund that includes various portfolio investments (ie. secured debt deals, commercial real estate and more) where LOUD Capital offers steady monthly dividend returns and healthy capital appreciation starting right away on the monthly basis.

Media related investments include Seamless.AI and bylined


The firm is made up of the following partners:


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