Black Film Collective

Black Film Collective, founded in Austin, Texas, is positioned to take advantage of one of the top cities in the United States for both studio and independent film. Actors, filmmakers, set designers, producers, makeup artist, lighting professionals and others came together and discussed the need for an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of professional opportunities in the film industry among Black people. The group recognized a gap in information targeted to the Black community related to film projects, history and future trends. Individuals in the group discussed their experiences growing up without information about the film industry which has ultimately become their passion. The group agreed to create an organization dedicated to educating youth and adult filmmakers.

The goals of the Black Film Collective are to:1

  • Market Black Film Collective and increase awareness of the mission
  • Further develop relative information and resources for BFC’s target audience
  • Develop relationships with schools to integrate BFC’s mission
  • Develop and conduct training for positions in the film industry
  • Provide supportive services for Black filmmakers
  • Research film related economic growth and development and provide as a resource
  • Support and exhibit productions by Black filmmakers or about the Black experience


  1. About Black Film Collective↩︎
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