Austin Film Project

Austin Film Project was founded by Samuel W. Sanso in early 2017 upon arriving in Austin and seeing the lack of an accessible film community for people to grow in. There was an overwhelming amount of talented people but not enough opportunity to help them reach their goals. A team was quickly put together with the mission of creating what was missing in Austin and soon after a movement started: The Austin Film Project.

The Austin Film Project wants to help bring visibility to local film artists by promoting them and their projects to the Austin public. With these projects, Austin Film Project can help in any state of production, including films recently completed. Furthermore, as they interact with the artists, they establish useful connections that they can offer back in return as a useful asset for filmmakers with less connections seeking to take on projects of their own. Through this aspect they are not only promoting to the general public, but back to the filmmakers themselves, offering interesting people and projects to work on.

How Austin Film Project promotes local artists and their projects:1

  • Social Media: This is the most frequent and immediate way they get the word out. They can post information about current productions, events and other relevant material. They also look for interesting artists or groups to do “Filmmaker Highlights” and get their story out.
  • Partnerships: They often partner and collaborate with other local organizations for events where they can promote ourselves and ongoing projects in a more direct way. They’ll often have a stand at these events so they can invite the artists they’re helping to come and talk directly to people about their projects.
  • Events: They organize large events where they screen completed projects and invite the artists to come talk about their experience. This is also a platform to promote upcoming projects and interact with the public, as well as being a great networking event for the filmmakers present.
  • Meetings: The most intimate way Austin Film Project interacts with the artists. When the need is right, they put together meetings for a more complete networking experience. These meetings range in size and topics but provide an excellent situation to build new connections and get new projects going.


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